Wedding Apps

Are wedding planners becoming a thing of the past? Now you can plan your wedding using an App on your phone… and it’s free!

Available for Apple or Android, an app called ‘WeddingHappy’ is available to download for no cost. This app is like the equivalent of those massive diaries you see wedding planners and brides with which look like a bit of a nuisance to have to carry around.

WeddingHappy2-WebsiteThe app starts off by asking for your name, the name of your partner and the date you’d like to get married. After this initial set up this clever little app consists of all the tasks and things that need to be organised for a successful wedding. The tasks also come in the perfect order and in a manageable and spread out way. The first task is to  ‘Announce engagement’ and then goes on to ‘set a budget’. After this there is things like ‘start guest list’, ‘research venues’ and other vendors. After the research stage it then gives you tasks of Booking different vendors. This is great for those indecisive brides to give them strict deadlines to get things organised.

Once a task is completes a tick is marked against it and a new task appears. You can add notes to each task to remind you of anything, for example when selecting caterers you may wish to write about certain dietary requirements.

This app may not have the expertise of a professional wedding planner, but for brides on a budget you can’t go wrong with a simple and free wedding planning app, especially if you are only wanting a low key wedding.


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