Live Streaming

Weddings are a time to celebrate and be with the people closest to you. Some guests however are not able to make it to your wedding. This could be due to not being able to get time off work or the cost of travel and accommodation is too much- especially long distance friends and relatives. Now though, these guests can still be part of the celebration day and enjoy it with you- by live streaming your wedding- The new must-have plan B.

Live streaming your big day is a popular new trend. The number of couples live streaming their wedding has increased by 250% in 2013 according to a post on Mashable. 

A post from Poughkeepsie journal written by Karen Maserjian Shan 2014 explains another reason as to why there is an increasing popularity to live stream your wedding. Michelle and Dianiel Lepore had a whopping 450 guests at their wedding but this wasn’t enough for Michelle. With over 20,000 friends on 5 different Facebook accounts she said she wanted many more guests at her wedding. Finding a venue for so many extra would have been a challenge not to mention a massive edition to the wedding bill. So mMichelle and her partner live streamed their wedding – letting all her friends who didn’t make the guest list watch them tie the knot.

“There was another thousand that, literally, wanted to be there for me… this was the best way to get them there.” – Michelle.

Bridal Stream is a live streaming company that allow you wedding to be viewed by those loved ones not present. There are many different companies who offer a range of different live streaming services just like this one. To view their service and packages follow the link to see their website:

Links to the websites mentioned in this post can be found at:


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