As more people become increasingly tech savvy, wedding websites or ‘wedsites’ have become very common in the world of weddings. A survey carried out found that 75% of couples made a wedding website… and it’s understandable why.

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A wedsite is a personalised website for couples created to provide information to guests about their special day such as the itinerary, the venue and how to get there, the dinner menu and even an RSVP and gift registry section. The great thing about a wedding website is that all this information can be stored in one place so there’s no stress if guests loose their postal invite. Online RSVP is also very popular with guests – its much quicker to go to a website whilst sitting on the couch watching TV than it is to reply and send it back by post.

Wedsites are a great way to brand your wedding. It can give guests a taster of what to come on the day by sharing photos or having a colour scheme on the website. Wedsites can be easily customised to make every one unique, some couples share how they met or their engagement story for those guests who haven’t heard. They are an easy way to add that personal touch.

So what sort of things are included in a Wedsite? Maddie Eisenhart, Digital Director and Style Editor for has documented a useful list of things to think about when creating a Wedsite from wedding etiquette to essential information not to be forgotten:

They’re secure, make life easier for the bride and her guests, information can be easily added or  changed and it’s a great way for the bride to manage the guest list. What’s not to love? Well, for the technologically challenged great-aunt with no internet access or glasses strong enough to view a laptop does need to be accounted for. Wedsites are a joy for some, but a nightmare for others so it’s important for brides to think about guests who may not understand the concept.

A popular  wedsite creator is

“A revolutionary new way of organising your wedding with your guests. Share your wedding with your guests by creating a fun, secure and innovative website.”


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