Instagram… #yourwedding

top-wedding-instagrams-experts-brides-intro2Instagram has become the fastest growing social media sight on the internet, home to 300 million member with 70 million photos and videos being shared daily according to Jennifer Bease at Sprout Social (2015). Instagram is a great way to see what friends are up to as well as to follow celebrities lives. For brides this is no different, they want to follow suppliers that they wish to use as well as accounts for inspirational purposes such as wedding experts. The following link is to Brides website which advises brides on which experts they should be following when planning their wedding:

Recently, however, Instagram has taken a new involvement in weddings. The famous hashtag has entered the wedding industry and is growing popular in weddings of all kinds. The idea behind ‘hashtagging’ your wedding is so that newly weds can view photos uploaded to Instagram in one easily accessible place. Essentially, it is a completely free and easy way to see your special day from different guests perspectives. This also gives guests a sense of interaction at their wedding and may make them feel like their photos are appreciated.

So in the run up to the big day, exhaustion from wedding planning is kicking in and you simply can’t think of an inventive hashtag to use, look no further than Wedding Hashtag Wall. This website is a free hashtag generator, simply type you and your husband-to-be’s name into the box then click ‘Generate Hashtags!’. The website then gives you a list of unique hashtags which you can use or adapt to your liking. Once you’ve decided on the perfect hashtag, you can go on to design an instagram hashtag sign to display throughout you wedding venue to let guests know about your new hashtag. Here are some examples from the website:


For couples wanting to take their wedding to the next digital stage. Eventstagram is the thing for them. Eventsagram is one of the many places which offer this interactive service. When guests upload a photo using a unique hashtag their photo gets streamed live onto a projector for everyone at the wedding to see. This is an exciting way to encourage guests to take photos and add some potential humour to the day. Eventsagram and other companies offer their basic packages free, to view their packages you can check out their website here:

There’s no doubt about it that Instagram is a great way for your guests to interact and feel part of the wedding, however with hashtags comes internet. You want to ensure guests still participate in your weddings and don’t get too caught up taking photos and commenting on each other’s selfies!

Intagram Statistics- Link to Sprout Social website:

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