Pinterest – A Bride Bible

Whether its finding a perfect recipe or needing tips on cleaning a drain… Pinterest has the answer. For bride to be’s this is no exception. Pinterest has speedily become the wedding bible essential for planning the perfect day. From food to favours, cake to colour scheme, decorations to dress to just down right weird – future bride’s will be pinning it all! And they have been for longer than you’d think! A survey carried out by the New York Observer’s Betabeat  concluded that 70% of women had created their wedding-themed Pinterest board before they were engaged!


Image from Pinterest

With more and more women taking to Pinterest for their wedding ideas, could this be a correlation to explain the growing cost of the average weeding?  Is Pinterest the culprit for many bride’s high expectations? The reason so many newly weds find themselves in debt after a dream wedding they ultimately couldn’t afford?

As easy as it would be to blame Pinterest, it cannot be held solely responsible. In fact, if anything, Pinterest is helping those money saving couples have their dream wedding on a budget a proving to all brides that beautiful wedding can be achieved without spending

masses of money. The sight is full of moneysaving tips and tricks including DIY favours and table decorations as well as advice on saving money such as selecting anoff peak date to have your wedding, have a buffet instead of a sit down dinner, even renting a wedding dress. 100-tips-how-to-save-money-on-weddingsAfter all you’re only going to be wearing it once. Here is thewebsite these ideas came from which was found on Pinterest. Granted, some ideas are a bit strange however it contains some good tips to really save those pennies:
or direct link to the website:

So yes, Pinterest is sometimes a fantasy wedding generator, but as fantasy becomes reality and women become fiancées with a year to go until the wedding and a budget that doesn’t stretch to castles for venues and gold plated cutlery, Pinterest becomes the wedding saviour. It is also much less time consuming to pin an idea to a board on Pinterest to communicate what you want for your wedding.

“So forget the era of brides schlepping binders thick with magazine tear sheets. With Pinterest, sharing ideas for, say, sunken flower centrepieces is just an iPhone or tablet away.” Quote by Olivia Barker, USA Today

Links to websites mentioned in this post:


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