Facebook – Friend or Foe?

facebookFacebook, Instagram and Twitter play a huge part in today’s society… and that is no exception when it comes to weddings. So just how long do you think newly engaged women wait until they let the world of Social media know that the man of her dreams has popped the question? A survey conducted by Mashable and The knot have concluded that one in ten women update their status within minutes of proposal, one in three within hours of proposal and one in 4 the following day. There’s even brides who update their marriage status half way through their wedding! It is truly fascinating, when such exciting moments happen in peoples life’s, that so many of us rush to social media sights to tell the world as soon as possible.

Engagement Status Update

From a different perspective, Facebook is hugely beneficial for wedding suppliers to keep existing customers and attract potential ones. Facebook is free and much easier to update than a website. This allows a supplier to keep their clients well informed and give information that brides otherwise probably wouldn’t know without frequently checking on the website. Facebook pages also have a review section, so if a bride is deciding on what cake supplier to choose there’s a high chance she’s going to pick the one with the best reviews on it’s Facebook page.

So is Facebook that third wheel that comes in between relationships? Or is it, in fact, a stabiliser to keep bride’s sane through the stressful process of planning their magical day? Apart from being guilty of stealing precious moments due to needing to get WiFi or having to check how many people have liked our status’, there’s no doubt about it- Facebook makes bride’s lives a lot simpler. From creating hen party event pages to sending a quick update to all your bridesmaids it’s a fast and simple way of communication.

Full Mashable article can be found at:


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