Introduction.. The Cost of Love

Weddings have long evolved from the simple ceremonies they once were many moons ago. Generations ago weddings were very much a family and community affair- still a beautiful and happy occasion- but for a fraction of the price. Nowadays weddings have a massive hype about them and most women have already planned their dream wedding before they’ve even met the man to marry! Months, years, even decades of planning a dream wedding means that when the big day comes it’s not going to be acheap one. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in the UK has soared to a whopping £20,000 according to a survey in the You and Your Wedding magazine. £20,000 (1)

Not only are couples spending this amount of money on their wedding, but it is causing them to get into huge amounts of debt. Research by the daily mail in 2013 found that a third of newly married couples are in debt as a result of their wedding.

It is with that in mind that I wonder why… why has the wedding industry boomed to much in recent year? How has it evolved from a simple celebration to a day that comes with years worth of debt?

The answer? Digital media.

The articles mentioned in this post can be found at:


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