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Weddings are a time to celebrate and be with the people closest to you. Some guests however are not able to make it to your wedding. This could be due to not being able to get time off work or the cost of travel and accommodation is too much- especially long distance friends and relatives. Now though, these guests can still be part of the celebration day and enjoy it with you- by live streaming your wedding- The new must-have plan B.

Live streaming your big day is a popular new trend. The number of couples live streaming their wedding has increased by 250% in 2013 according to a post on Mashable. 

A post from Poughkeepsie journal written by Karen Maserjian Shan 2014 explains another reason as to why there is an increasing popularity to live stream your wedding. Michelle and Dianiel Lepore had a whopping 450 guests at their wedding but this wasn’t enough for Michelle. With over 20,000 friends on 5 different Facebook accounts she said she wanted many more guests at her wedding. Finding a venue for so many extra would have been a challenge not to mention a massive edition to the wedding bill. So mMichelle and her partner live streamed their wedding – letting all her friends who didn’t make the guest list watch them tie the knot.

“There was another thousand that, literally, wanted to be there for me… this was the best way to get them there.” – Michelle.

Bridal Stream is a live streaming company that allow you wedding to be viewed by those loved ones not present. There are many different companies who offer a range of different live streaming services just like this one. To view their service and packages follow the link to see their website:

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Wedding photography is a  incredible important for the majority of couples getting married. After all, the day only lasts a wedding only lasts a certain amount of hours so photography can help remember a moment for generations to come. Photography is a great way to look back on your wedding and cherish the day. An even better way to remember it is by seeing it all over again with Videography.

The thought of having your big day filmed and turned into a mini movie to keep forever appeals to many couples. Videographers meet with couples to discuss how they would like their wedding filmed and offer different packages including a video story before the wedding as a save-the-date DVD.

Apricot Tree are a small company who offer a boutique wedding photography and videography service. They travel all over Europe to capture the essence of each couple and every film. Every film is unique and as beautiful as the next. Here is a link to one of the weddings which Apricot Tree filmed:

Apricot Tree describe themselves as;

“A mixture of non intrusive reportage photography with a natural feel and faithful colour to the dramatic and stylised look of our signature portraits.”

Sean and Casey are a married couple and the owners of this company. Sean is responsible for creating the films and Casey does the photography. They aim to be as discreet as possible, most guests at wedding are not even aware there is filming going on – although this could be due to the free bar!

Another service Apricot tree offer is ‘Marryoke’. This is a fun and quirky way of capturing a wedding day and can be a great way to release any pre-wedding jitters!

To watch other films and to view the packages they have to offer, visit their website:


As more people become increasingly tech savvy, wedding websites or ‘wedsites’ have become very common in the world of weddings. A survey carried out found that 75% of couples made a wedding website… and it’s understandable why.

New Infographic

A wedsite is a personalised website for couples created to provide information to guests about their special day such as the itinerary, the venue and how to get there, the dinner menu and even an RSVP and gift registry section. The great thing about a wedding website is that all this information can be stored in one place so there’s no stress if guests loose their postal invite. Online RSVP is also very popular with guests – its much quicker to go to a website whilst sitting on the couch watching TV than it is to reply and send it back by post.

Wedsites are a great way to brand your wedding. It can give guests a taster of what to come on the day by sharing photos or having a colour scheme on the website. Wedsites can be easily customised to make every one unique, some couples share how they met or their engagement story for those guests who haven’t heard. They are an easy way to add that personal touch.

So what sort of things are included in a Wedsite? Maddie Eisenhart, Digital Director and Style Editor for has documented a useful list of things to think about when creating a Wedsite from wedding etiquette to essential information not to be forgotten:

They’re secure, make life easier for the bride and her guests, information can be easily added or  changed and it’s a great way for the bride to manage the guest list. What’s not to love? Well, for the technologically challenged great-aunt with no internet access or glasses strong enough to view a laptop does need to be accounted for. Wedsites are a joy for some, but a nightmare for others so it’s important for brides to think about guests who may not understand the concept.

A popular  wedsite creator is

“A revolutionary new way of organising your wedding with your guests. Share your wedding with your guests by creating a fun, secure and innovative website.”

Instagram… #yourwedding

top-wedding-instagrams-experts-brides-intro2Instagram has become the fastest growing social media sight on the internet, home to 300 million member with 70 million photos and videos being shared daily according to Jennifer Bease at Sprout Social (2015). Instagram is a great way to see what friends are up to as well as to follow celebrities lives. For brides this is no different, they want to follow suppliers that they wish to use as well as accounts for inspirational purposes such as wedding experts. The following link is to Brides website which advises brides on which experts they should be following when planning their wedding:

Recently, however, Instagram has taken a new involvement in weddings. The famous hashtag has entered the wedding industry and is growing popular in weddings of all kinds. The idea behind ‘hashtagging’ your wedding is so that newly weds can view photos uploaded to Instagram in one easily accessible place. Essentially, it is a completely free and easy way to see your special day from different guests perspectives. This also gives guests a sense of interaction at their wedding and may make them feel like their photos are appreciated.

So in the run up to the big day, exhaustion from wedding planning is kicking in and you simply can’t think of an inventive hashtag to use, look no further than Wedding Hashtag Wall. This website is a free hashtag generator, simply type you and your husband-to-be’s name into the box then click ‘Generate Hashtags!’. The website then gives you a list of unique hashtags which you can use or adapt to your liking. Once you’ve decided on the perfect hashtag, you can go on to design an instagram hashtag sign to display throughout you wedding venue to let guests know about your new hashtag. Here are some examples from the website:


For couples wanting to take their wedding to the next digital stage. Eventstagram is the thing for them. Eventsagram is one of the many places which offer this interactive service. When guests upload a photo using a unique hashtag their photo gets streamed live onto a projector for everyone at the wedding to see. This is an exciting way to encourage guests to take photos and add some potential humour to the day. Eventsagram and other companies offer their basic packages free, to view their packages you can check out their website here:

There’s no doubt about it that Instagram is a great way for your guests to interact and feel part of the wedding, however with hashtags comes internet. You want to ensure guests still participate in your weddings and don’t get too caught up taking photos and commenting on each other’s selfies!

Intagram Statistics- Link to Sprout Social website:

Intro to Social Media – Social Wedding Survey



Here’s some Social Media statistics conducted by Mashable to really get you thinking about how much weddings are influenced by social media. Social media is changing the way weddings are being conducted. An article by Adrienne Erin talks about her experience of how social media has changed the way wedding are being planned. Her sister announced her engagement before telling her on the phone or to her face. Before social media, friends and family would find out about the engagement via a phone call or face to face, even a Save-the-date through the post. Now, however, even acquaintances know about the wedding by a simple status update.

To read the full article which includes an introduction of some of the social media sites which will be discussed in this blog:

This infograph was taken from Chad Fullerton’s blog, found at:


Pinterest – A Bride Bible

Whether its finding a perfect recipe or needing tips on cleaning a drain… Pinterest has the answer. For bride to be’s this is no exception. Pinterest has speedily become the wedding bible essential for planning the perfect day. From food to favours, cake to colour scheme, decorations to dress to just down right weird – future bride’s will be pinning it all! And they have been for longer than you’d think! A survey carried out by the New York Observer’s Betabeat  concluded that 70% of women had created their wedding-themed Pinterest board before they were engaged!


Image from Pinterest

With more and more women taking to Pinterest for their wedding ideas, could this be a correlation to explain the growing cost of the average weeding?  Is Pinterest the culprit for many bride’s high expectations? The reason so many newly weds find themselves in debt after a dream wedding they ultimately couldn’t afford?

As easy as it would be to blame Pinterest, it cannot be held solely responsible. In fact, if anything, Pinterest is helping those money saving couples have their dream wedding on a budget a proving to all brides that beautiful wedding can be achieved without spending

masses of money. The sight is full of moneysaving tips and tricks including DIY favours and table decorations as well as advice on saving money such as selecting anoff peak date to have your wedding, have a buffet instead of a sit down dinner, even renting a wedding dress. 100-tips-how-to-save-money-on-weddingsAfter all you’re only going to be wearing it once. Here is thewebsite these ideas came from which was found on Pinterest. Granted, some ideas are a bit strange however it contains some good tips to really save those pennies:
or direct link to the website:

So yes, Pinterest is sometimes a fantasy wedding generator, but as fantasy becomes reality and women become fiancées with a year to go until the wedding and a budget that doesn’t stretch to castles for venues and gold plated cutlery, Pinterest becomes the wedding saviour. It is also much less time consuming to pin an idea to a board on Pinterest to communicate what you want for your wedding.

“So forget the era of brides schlepping binders thick with magazine tear sheets. With Pinterest, sharing ideas for, say, sunken flower centrepieces is just an iPhone or tablet away.” Quote by Olivia Barker, USA Today

Links to websites mentioned in this post:

Facebook – Friend or Foe?

facebookFacebook, Instagram and Twitter play a huge part in today’s society… and that is no exception when it comes to weddings. So just how long do you think newly engaged women wait until they let the world of Social media know that the man of her dreams has popped the question? A survey conducted by Mashable and The knot have concluded that one in ten women update their status within minutes of proposal, one in three within hours of proposal and one in 4 the following day. There’s even brides who update their marriage status half way through their wedding! It is truly fascinating, when such exciting moments happen in peoples life’s, that so many of us rush to social media sights to tell the world as soon as possible.

Engagement Status Update

From a different perspective, Facebook is hugely beneficial for wedding suppliers to keep existing customers and attract potential ones. Facebook is free and much easier to update than a website. This allows a supplier to keep their clients well informed and give information that brides otherwise probably wouldn’t know without frequently checking on the website. Facebook pages also have a review section, so if a bride is deciding on what cake supplier to choose there’s a high chance she’s going to pick the one with the best reviews on it’s Facebook page.

So is Facebook that third wheel that comes in between relationships? Or is it, in fact, a stabiliser to keep bride’s sane through the stressful process of planning their magical day? Apart from being guilty of stealing precious moments due to needing to get WiFi or having to check how many people have liked our status’, there’s no doubt about it- Facebook makes bride’s lives a lot simpler. From creating hen party event pages to sending a quick update to all your bridesmaids it’s a fast and simple way of communication.

Full Mashable article can be found at:

Introduction.. The Cost of Love

Weddings have long evolved from the simple ceremonies they once were many moons ago. Generations ago weddings were very much a family and community affair- still a beautiful and happy occasion- but for a fraction of the price. Nowadays weddings have a massive hype about them and most women have already planned their dream wedding before they’ve even met the man to marry! Months, years, even decades of planning a dream wedding means that when the big day comes it’s not going to be acheap one. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in the UK has soared to a whopping £20,000 according to a survey in the You and Your Wedding magazine. £20,000 (1)

Not only are couples spending this amount of money on their wedding, but it is causing them to get into huge amounts of debt. Research by the daily mail in 2013 found that a third of newly married couples are in debt as a result of their wedding.

It is with that in mind that I wonder why… why has the wedding industry boomed to much in recent year? How has it evolved from a simple celebration to a day that comes with years worth of debt?

The answer? Digital media.

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